Radian Pro Programming for a DX6 G2

Radian Pro Programming for a DX6 G2

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A Radian Pro needs a seven channel transmitter to program all the sailplane features available in a Spektrum transmitter.  This Guide and template will show you how to program a six channel transmitter for flying the Radian Pro.  You will be missing a few features, but you really dont need them to squeeze as much thermal performance as possible out of the Radian Pro.  

If you just purchased your Radian Pro, this is most likely the first time you have programmed your Transmitter for a six servo sailplane with a motor.  The Guide and template will significantly reduce your frustration and get you in the air as quickly as possible.  

The Guide also comes with a prepared template you import into the DX6 and everything works.  The template was programmed with extensive flight time on a Radian Pro with a focus on thermal flight.   

The Guide and prepared template are programmed with five Flight Modes and appropriate rates, differential, aileron to rudder mix and camber presets for each Mode.   Landing Mode is automatically activated when you pull the flap stick below 92%.  Snap flaps are already programmed.  Nearly all of the advanced features available for a sailplane have been utilized.    

You import the template, bind to the Radian Pro and everything works.  The guide shows you how to create a neutral sailplane and you are ready to go to the field.  Once at the field, the Guide then shows you how to tweak the programming for your skills and personal preference.   

There are sections on how to set up telemetry, telemetry warnings and how to set up voices announce altitude when you toggle a switch.  

Startup warnings are already programmed that wont turn the radio on until the throttle is off and you have toggled out of Landing Mode so your flaps wont suddenly strike the ground damaging the flaps or their linkages.  

The supplemental files include some additional Flight Mode Names that can be added to the list of voices.  You also get a file that will organize the voices so that all the sailplane and sailplane telemetry voices are in one place so you don't have to scroll through 400 voices every time you need to find one.  

There is even a section on recommended modifications you can make to the airframe to squeeze a little more thermal capability out of the Radian Pro.  

This Guide and template will work on a DX6e.  The DX6e does not have the hardware to produce voices but this will not impact the template.  Just ignore that portion of the guide about voices.  

Every thing you need to program your Radian Pro with a six channel radio here.  For more information, see the other Radian Pro product.  The guides and templates are the same except for the changes required for six channels.  



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