Six Servo Sailplane with Motor for the DX18.

Six Servo Sailplane with Motor for the DX18.

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Frustrated with the programming challenges that come with Ailerons and Flaps on a sailplane? Tired of conflicting "how to" posts on line? If features like Differential, Adverse Yaw, Elevator Compensation, Aileron to Rudder mixing, Snap Flaps are new to you, then this Guide and SPM file are for you.

Everything you need for your Six Servo Sailplane with a Motor is provided. This bundle includes a 159 page Guide, three prepared SPM files for different wing configurations for you to import into your radio along with 23 new Flight Mode voices and a reorganized Audio file.  All the rates, mixes and Flight Mode features are already programmed.

This latest version includes Cascading Priorities to reduce pilot load in the event of an emergency bailout. 

The guide starts off explaining how to import the files into the radio, rename and organize them. The with the radio in your lap, the guide walks you through how the programming works from a generic perspective.
There is a new section on all the things you can do with telemetry like automatically announcing altitude at push over at the top of the climb. 

Next, the guide shows you how to make simple modifications to the linkages and how to use Global Features to setup a neutral sailplane that is ready for programming. After performing this step, the preset values in the SPM file are going to be very close.

The guide then explains the Flight Mode Features in the prepared templates, how to build them from scratch and how to modify the prepared templates for three, five and seven Flight Modes.
There is an new section on speed controllers with 4 different control methods.  Each method is described in full or each is available with just a couple of modifications of the prepared template.  There is even a method with Flaps and Throttle on the same stick. 
The next section discusses the way to modify the prepared template for your sailplane. 

The last chapters are intended for the pilot stepping up to a aileron sailplane for the first time and discusses the new terminology that comes with an aileron sailplane, what the new control surfaces do and why and how to overcome issues like adverse yaw.

Finally, the Guide explains and how to make the critical CG determination so the final elevator trim setting for each Flight Mode work together and how set elevator trim for each flight mode. 


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