I am so glad to make it to this point.

Hi everyone,  Assembling this online store and all it content has turned out to be a MUCH larger endeavor than I had anticipated.  To get to this point took around 7 months of my spare time. 

Part of my dilemma was defining my target audience.  The target audience for my earlier guides was the Thermal Duration contest pilot.  Feedback over the years indicated I need to expand the target audience.  These new guides provide more material helpful to someone new to computer radios. 

My second dilemma was how to provide a written guide that would deal with the three major wing servo installations.  I decided to provide three different templates, one for each servo install, with each guide. 

V-Tails are becoming more popular so each guide includes information on how to modify the programming and to set up the mechanicals and trim the V-Tail in flight. 

The number of voices to choose from is long and time consuming to navigate so I have included a audio file that will reorganize all the possible sailplane voices into one folder.  I did not delete any voices, just organized them in their own folder. 

Other feedback indicated that some pilots wanted a crib notes version so a three page check list for programming your own sailplane from scratch is included. 

Now that I have it figured out, you can expect additional guides for the DX7 G2 and DX9 G2 for both sailplane and sailplane with a motor.    There will also be a short version for the original DX8. 

Although I am a big fan of Flaperon mixing in Landing Mode, there is a new section on how to convert to Crow.   

The new guides also include a lot more information on telemetry, how to record it and how to play it back including overlaying GPS data on Google Maps.  Telemetry will Automatically announcing altitude when you push over at the top of the zoom or climb. 

I am really excited about Spektrum's new gas gauge.  It literally reports the current used by the aircraft which tells you how much is left in the tank. 

There will also be a guide specifically for hand launch.  It will include a tutorial for relocating the button to the Switch A position (for launching) and even though there are only enough switch positions for four flight modes, the fifth flight mode (Landing Mode) is activated automatically activated when you pull down the Flap Stick.

One of the guides is specifically designed for the Radian Pro with a section on how to modify the airframe and mechanicals to take better advantage of the radio and provide better flight characteristics.   

Finally the software I am using keeps track of email addresses and automatically notifies you of a free upgrade. 

Thanks everyone,

Sherman Knight

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