About Red Sailplane

Red Sailplane is dedicated to providing Guides and Templates for Sailplanes using Spectrum RC Radios, Receivers and Telemetry sensors and older JR Radios. 

Red Sailplane is owned by Sherman Knight whom has been writing guides and templates for JR and Spektrum RC Radio systems since 1991. 

Sherman is a member of the Seattle Area Soaring Society one of the premier RC clubs in the US . The club flies from two separate sites. The first one is a soccer facility large enough to hold 18 soccer fields. The second one is considered the home base of SASS and is located in Carnation Washington. It consists of seven acres of mowed grass with eight launch lanes and a separate hand launch area surrounded by 85 acres of hay fields.  It's all green all year long.  Their equipment includes; twelve winches (eight of them matched), four hands free retrievers, Optima winch batteries, full time charging (for eight winches) during a contest from Honda generators, a Polaris that seats six, indoor storage with charging stations, and indoor restroom facilities tops it off. 

The club is the home of all three of the 2010 junior gold metal winners (Gold medal in individual and gold metal in team) of the F3J World Championships in France. 

If you are ever in the Seattle area, drop me a line.  The flying up here is spectacular and we love to show it off.  

If you have any questions, email me at duworm@aol.com. 

Sherman Knight