FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I really need to upgrade the firmware in my radio?


What do I actually get?

You will receive a digital download of the Guide and in most cases files to be imported to your transmitter.   You must print the Guide on your printer. 

How soon do I get it? 

If payment is by credit / debit card or by PayPal, you will receive an email within seconds of receipt of proof of payment or as quickly as your server updates your email inbox.   Other payment options, such as e-check, will send the email as soon as the e-check clears the bank.  

How do I get it? 

You will receive an email asking you to click on a button or two.  Click on all the buttons.  If you did not receive an email, please check your spam filter.  If you are using a work email, please check the work server spam filter.  If your PayPal account uses a different email address than the one used to order the product, the system sent the download email to the email address associated with your PayPal account. 

I clicked the download button, where did the files go? 

This depends on your computer and operating system.  The latest systems will ask you if you want to "Save" or "Save To" or "Save As."   If you just click "Save" the files will be found on your hard drive in a folder named "Downloads."  If you click "Save To" you will be asked to identify or create the folder where you want to the files. 

I found the files, now what? 

Double click on the file with the .pdf extension.  Depending on your computer, the file will open automatically in a PDF reader or in your browser.  If you have an old computer, you may need to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the internet.   

Double click on the file with the .zip extension and extract the files. (there can be as many as five)  Copy these files to the SD card and follow the instructions in the Guide on importing the file(s) to the transmitter. 

Do I need anything special?

You need a computer with a SD card reader.  Most Spektrum radios ship with a SD card.  Use the SD card to import the files to your transmitter.   If you use your own SD card, it is recommended to use a Class 4 or slower SD card. 

I imported a template and got the following error message, "779 'Centertone' Invalid Selection Name."

This message or one similar occurs when the prepared template contains a feature that became available on a version of the firmware newer than the one in your transmitter.  Update your firmware. 

I have read that a template built on one radio will work on all radios, is that correct?

Yes, it is correct.  Airware, the name of the software / firmware used by Spektrum is common across the entire line of radios sold today.  But there are distinctions.  Some lesser capable radios do not have all of the switches, knobs or sliders of the more capable radios.  In other situations, software features found in more capable radios are not available is lesser radios.  An example would be a spm file built on a DX18 will work on a DX6.  However, if the template uses the side sliders, because the DX6 does not have side sliders, those features are unavailable on the DX6. 

Another example is found in the guide for DLG.  This template uses a sequencer for part of the launch / zoom mode so the Guide is targeted at the DX9, DX18 G2 and DX20.  If you import this file to a radio without a sequencer (DX6, DX7, DX8 G2) the two second sequencer continues to work in these radios.  The only difference is that the 2 second period the sequencer is in effect cannot be changed.  Feedback confirms that over 90% of those using this template on a DX6, DX7 or DX8 G2, don't want to change the 2 second period the Zoom mode is in effect, so this is typically not a problem. 

Finally, there might be channel limitations.  There are two guides for the Radian Pro which uses six servos plus a motor.  The DX6 guide is a channel short so it uses a Y-harness for the flaps which reduces the available features and the ability to fine tune the individual flaps.  The Radian Pro guide for radios with 7 or more channels does not use a Y-harness providing more programming flexibility.   

Do I really have to upgrade the firmware in my existing radio? 

YES.  Even if you just purchased the radio, there is no telling how long it had been sitting in inventory.   As long as the Firmware version in your radio is the same or newer version than indicated on the cover page of the guide, everything will work just fine.  Visit and register with the Spektrum Community website to check your firmware status. 

Which is the best product for the following sailplanes? 

E Flight Mystique 2.9 from Horizon Hobby: DX9, DX18 and DX20 with a motor.