Red Sailplane has a new Guide for the Radian

Even a Radian can benefit from Flight Modes.  The new guide comes with a prepared template so all you do is import it to your radio and you are pretty much ready to go.  This guide spends more time on what the control surfaces do, why does rudder create roll on a polyhedral wing and how to set it up once you are at the field.  It comes with several methods of controlling the throttle and a special launch mode so the Radian can climb hands free with the motor running.

The Guide for the iX12 is here!

The iX12 guide and prepared templates are done and published on Red Sailplane.  It's a beast at over 250 pages and over 1200 images.  It covers both the Airware and Android side of the transmitter.  Check out the table of contents on the product page.

New Guides have been published for ALL current DX transmitters

The revised guides for the DX6 though the DX8 (including e versions) have been published for Sailplane and Sailplane with a motor. 

The Guides for the DX9 through DX20 have been published for Sailplane and Sailplane with a Motor.  

Thanks everyone for all your support.  

The iX12 guide is coming soon.

The guide for the iX12 is nearing 98%.  Some of the screens changed in the last firmware update so new artwork is being developed.  hope to see something by mid August.

New Products, new updates

Sport fans,

I tested the new iX12 and the guide that that is coming is a real beast at over 245 pages.  There is a LOT of new stuff in a Transmitter powered by Android.  Well, actually, think of it more like the iX12 is an RC Transmitter first with a computer attached second.  There is a separate processor for Spektrum Airware and a separate processor for Android.  Android provides the pretty touch screen interface and the cool text to speech capability, but as far as the RC controls are concerned, they are all Airware.  Android can crash, the screen...