Revised guides for the DX9, DX18 and DX20 for a six servo sailplane with a motor

The two new guides are done!!!!!!!!!  At over 160 pages they took a long time.  Prior guides only contained one way to accomplish things.  The new guides have optional means to control the motor and 3, 5 and 7 flight modes.  There is an additional chapter on advanced programming features for all kinds of new ways to program the transmitters. 

If you have already purchased on of these two guides, you will receive an email with a free update. 

See ya at the flying field. 

Latest revisions to the Sailplane Guides

Hey sport fans,
The latest guide for the DX9 with a motor is ready to go.  All I am doing now is waiting for the latest firmware update to go public. 
The new guide is 133 pages long.  I have included lot of new information for new pilots, a separate chapter for Flight Modes with 4 different switch positons (one of them with the launch mode on the relocated I switch with visual instruction hoe to move the switch) and adding two more flight modes if you need them, a separate chapter for controlling motor speed...

The Radian Pro Guide adn Template have arrived.

Wow, the Guide and template for the Radian Pro for the DX7, DX8, DX9 and DX18 is finally finished.  At over 96 pages, it is the longest Guide to date.  It is complete with a chapter on simple modifications and how to setup the sailplane mechanicals so the programming starts with a mechanically neutral sailplane. 

It also includes a cascading list of priority Fight Modes.   Launch Mode has priority over ALL other Flight Modes. In all other Flight Modes, Landing Mode has priority over the remaining Flight Modes by pulling down the Flap Stick.

Also included is a chapter on...

DLG Template

The DLG template is taking a little longer than I was hoping it would.  Possibly because I am trying to do too much in a single template.  I finished the launch sequencer and am looking for the best way to create reverse differential when the flaperons are in the down position.  Just looking for better roll control in the landing phase. 

So the DLG template is still a couple of weeks out. 

This also means that the DX9 template for a Radian Pro will take a little longer.

Thanks again everyone. 

I am so glad to make it to this point.

Hi everyone,  Assembling this online store and all it content has turned out to be a MUCH larger endeavor than I had anticipated.  To get to this point took around 7 months of my spare time. 

Part of my dilemma was defining my target audience.  The target audience for my earlier guides was the Thermal Duration contest pilot.  Feedback over the years indicated I need to expand the target audience.  These new guides provide more material helpful to someone new to computer radios. 

My second dilemma was how to provide a written guide that would deal with the three major wing servo installations.  I...