Latest revisions to the Sailplane Guides

Hey sport fans,
The latest guide for the DX9 with a motor is ready to go.  All I am doing now is waiting for the latest firmware update to go public. 
The new guide is 133 pages long.  I have included lot of new information for new pilots, a separate chapter for Flight Modes with 4 different switch positons (one of them with the launch mode on the relocated I switch with visual instruction hoe to move the switch) and adding two more flight modes if you need them, a separate chapter for controlling motor speed with four different supplemental methods including both throttle and flaps on the throttle / flap stick.  
There is even a section on programming the Altis 4+ for ALES or F5J. 
The guide got pretty long so there is a separate quick start chapter for the more experienced pilot. 
There are some new features, but frankly, they don't have much impact on sailplanes. 
Like the exiting guides, they come with three different spm files (templates), a audio file with additional voices and a reconfiguration file that puts all the sailplane voices in one folder. 
Sherman Knight

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