New Products, new updates

Sport fans,

I tested the new iX12 and the guide that that is coming is a real beast at over 245 pages.  There is a LOT of new stuff in a Transmitter powered by Android.  Well, actually, think of it more like the iX12 is an RC Transmitter first with a computer attached second.  There is a separate processor for Spektrum Airware and a separate processor for Android.  Android provides the pretty touch screen interface and the cool text to speech capability, but as far as the RC controls are concerned, they are all Airware.  Android can crash, the screen can go black and all the aircraft controls continue to work.  

If you have programmed Spektrum Transmitters before, the full feature set is retained in the iX12.  In fact you can take your file from you DX transmitter and use them in the iX12.  

Unfortunately, because of the ground breaking speech capability of the iX12, none of the voices from your DX Transmitter will transfer to the iX12.  But everything else will.  

Voice wise, if you can type it, the iX12 will speak it.  It is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.  You can watch youtube videos on how to program the radio on the touch screen of the radio!  It is a pretty amazing piece of equipment.  

There are 6 new guides coming out in the next week or two.  A new guide for the Radian.  A new guide for the iX12.  Eight old guides are updated and combined into just four new guides.  

Stay tuned.  


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