News — dx6

Red Sailplane has a new Guide for the Radian

Even a Radian can benefit from Flight Modes.  The new guide comes with a prepared template so all you do is import it to your radio and you are pretty much ready to go.  This guide spends more time on what the control surfaces do, why does rudder create roll on a polyhedral wing and how to set it up once you are at the field.  It comes with several methods of controlling the throttle and a special launch mode so the Radian can climb hands free with the motor running.

DLG Template

The DLG template is taking a little longer than I was hoping it would.  Possibly because I am trying to do too much in a single template.  I finished the launch sequencer and am looking for the best way to create reverse differential when the flaperons are in the down position.  Just looking for better roll control in the landing phase. 

So the DLG template is still a couple of weeks out. 

This also means that the DX9 template for a Radian Pro will take a little longer.

Thanks again everyone.