Programming a Spektrum Transmitter for the Radian.

Programming a Spektrum Transmitter for the Radian.

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The Radian is one of the best selling novice sailplanes in the market today.  It is easy to fly and does an excellent job of introducing new pilots to the wonderful world of Remote Control Sailplanes.  There is nothing to build.  All the parts are complete and all you do is assemble them.  Clubs across the country are sponsoring Radian only contests attended by Novices and Expert pilots alike.  

This Guide shows you a few modifications that will make the Radian thermal even better.   In addition, the Guide comes with three prepared templates specifically for the Radian.  Simply import them to your transmitter, follow the Guide on building a neutral sailplane, and all the programming is done.  All you have to do, is tweak them for your personal taste and flying style.  

Two additional files are included that provide 30 new Flight Mode voices and a file to recategorize all the voices in your radio so you can find them in far less time.  

The Guide includes a complete section on telemetry, how to setup it up, and how to assign voices to the telemetry.  Telemetry setups include announcing altitude automatically when you push over at the top of the climb and calling out altitude by flipping a switch.  

If you want to see where your Radian flew, install a GPS module and view the GPS information in 3D overlaid on Google Maps.   

All of the prepared templates come with Flight Modes enabled.  Some will say that the Radian does not need Flight Modes, but the Radian is much easier to fly with Flight Modes.  As an example, trimming the Radian for slow thermal flying is easy, but that trim setting results in a sailplane that wants to loop over on its back when climbing under power.  For the novice it can be a real handful.  Toggling the Launch Flight Mode starts the motor, reduces control authority and down elevator trim making there climb phase much easier to fly.  

Even the Radian benefits from Flight Modes.  

The following Table of Contents shows you the information found in the guide.  

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